Video of the transportation of the turbine

The turbine unit is one of the key elements of the Waste to Energy Plant, which arrived at the WTE Olsztyn construction site in October 2022. We kindly invite you to watch a video of the transportation of the turbine as well as its installation on site.

The steam turbine, driven by steam, causes a generator to rotate, which produces electricity. On the other hand, the steam, when condensing in the condenser, gives its heat to the network water, which, when heated, is fed into the city’s district heating network. It should be emphasised that during regular operation of WTE, it will cover about 35% of the heat demand of the residents of Olsztyn.

The annual production of electricity made available to the grid (i.e. after deducting own consumption) is estimated at over 73,000 MWh which translates into, among other things:

  • The lighting of more than 83,000 100-watt light bulbs 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Fully charging 10 million 4,000 mAh mobile phone batteries.
  • Powering more than 18,000 electric cars for a year at 20,000 km mileage per year.
Installation of the turbine in the WtE machine room

Installation of the turbine in the WtE machine room

From design, to installation. The turbine, which was installed in the WtE machine room in Olsztyn in October 2022, went through this entire process, which was overseen at every stage by Tomáš Winkler – project manager from Doosan Škoda Power.

The weight of the turbine unit (excluding operating fluids such as 8 m3 of oil) and valve drives is more than 70 tonnes, so one crane was not enough to install it in the building. As many as two cranes were needed, whose operators demonstrated incredible precision and synchronisation.

The installation of the turbine and the generator is the last piece of work in the machine room before the roof of the building is closed.

From the energy stream contained in the waste delivered to the WtE boiler (with a capacity of 48 MW), the turbine-generator is capable of generating around 11 MW of electrical power and 32 MW of thermal power.

In practice, this means that the annual capacity of the WtE will make it possible to cover about 35% of the heating needs of the residents of Olsztyn and produce over 73,000 MWh of electricity. This amount of electricity is sufficient, for example, to continuously power over 83,000 100-watt light bulbs throughout the entire year.

Plaque stamping ceremony of the WtE boiler

Plaque stamping ceremony of the WtE boiler

We are proud to announce that the test of the boiler of the Waste to Energy Plant in Olsztyn was successful! On 14 September, we officially celebrated this success, crowning the whole process with a plaque stamping ceremony.

In the course of the test, the boiler was subjected to a working pressure of 157 bar, while the nominal pressure during routine plant operation is only 82 bar. 190% of the nominal pressure did not compromise the tightness of the more than 4,500 welds that were made during installation. We congratulate the general contractor – the consortium of Doosan Lentjes and Doosan Enerbility – as well as the subcontractor responsible for the construction of the boiler – REMAK-ENERGOMONTAŻ S.A. – – ZARMEN GROUP on the completion of this phase.

The achievement of this milestone by Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna is a sign that the implementation of the entire project can continue uninterruptedly, so that in 2023 the first supplies of clean, ecological energy can heat the homes of Olsztyn residents.

Green 2022

Green 2022

For the second time, Dobra Energia Dla Olsztyna, as an ecological partner of the Olsztyn Green Festival, passed on knowledge and promoted pro-ecological behaviour among festival participants through joint entertainment about the Waste to Energy Plant that is currently under construction.

 In addition to educational and photographic competitions held in the eco-workshop zone, both the youngest and slightly older festival-goers were able to take part in thouroughly informative meetings held in the company’s Meeting Studio, where invited experts and Polish music stars talked about their approach to a pro-ecological lifestyle.

 The event was organised by the Agora SA media group.

Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna co-initiates the “Olsztyn Net Zero” energy cluster

Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna co-initiates the “Olsztyn Net Zero” energy cluster

“Olsztyn Net Zero” Energy Cluster was officially established on July 5 in the capital of Warmia and Mazury, under the patronage of the Mayor of the City. Its main goal is to guarantee constant access to electricity and heat for residents and local businesses, while respecting the requirements of environmental sustainability and using innovative technologies. Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna is one of the entities that initiated establishment of the Cluster.

The institution of an energy cluster was introduced through an amendment to the Law on Renewable Energy Sources of June 22, 2016. According to the definition, it is a civil-legal agreement that may include individuals, legal entities, scientific entities, research institutes or local government units. The concept of establishing energy clusters in Poland is an innovative and unique concept throughout Europe. According to their fundamental background, clusters are meant to improve local energy security by ensuring the achievement of economic efficiency, in an environmentally friendly manner, by creating optimal organizational, legal and financial conditions, with support of local resources.

The energy cluster in the capital of Warmia and Mazury, which has been officially established, will operate under the name “Olsztyn Net Zero” Energy Cluster. The authors of the initiative are municipal companies, the University of Warmia and Mazury and the company Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna, which is to be the sole provider of electricity within the cluster.

The current dynamic geopolitical situation shows us, even more than ever, how important it is to ensure energy security for people and companies. Hence the concept of establishing an energy cluster in Olsztyn, which was initiated, among others, by our company” says Krzysztof Witkowski, president of Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna, and adds: – Functioning within the Cluster is an opportunity for us to strenghten partnerships with local entities and institutions, both at the local government level and from the world of science. This is a part of our strategy, which we have been pursuing from the beginning and will continue in the future, which is to support the region and its residents as effectively as possible.

The “Olsztyn Net Zero” Energy Cluster is intended to be an area of tightened, partnership cooperation between entities operating in the fields of electricity, heat, gas, waste processing and transportation, among others, as well as entities interested in purchasing electricity, heat, gas and cooling. Its initiators have very ambitious goals. One of them is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 for all cluster members, in particular by using renewable energy sources (RES), electromobility, developing a closed-loop economy and reducing water consumption. They also want to use most innovative technologies, while promoting and stimulating innovation in energy generation, distribution and trading.

The idea of the Olsztyn Net Zero Energy Cluster, however, is primarily to serve the welfare of the region and its residents and local businesses. Its main task is to ensure energy security and access to “clean” electricity and heat. This is particularly important for the entire region of Warmia and Mazury, associated as one of the greenest areas in Poland. The cluster will also take care of education in environmental protection by establishing permanent cooperation with educational institutions and universities through, among other things, organizing internship programs and competitions. The result is expected to be the professional activation of pupils and students.

Steam turbine

Steam turbine

We are pleased to announce that the works on the preparation of a key element of the Waste to Energy plant have been completed. This relates to the steam turbine, which will be delivered to the capital of Warmia and Mazury at the end of September 2022.

The steam turbine together with the boiler is the heart WtE. It converts the heat energy obtained in the boiler from the waste incineration process into mechanical energy The machine will drive the generator via a gearbox installed on the turbine frame. At the same time, steam will be transferred from the turbine to the heat exchangers, which will be used to heat water in the district heating network.

The turbine was manufactured at Doosan Škoda Power in Plzeň, Czech Republic. Its commission acceptance took place in the middle of June. The technical condition of this core element of the installation, on behalf of @Dobra Energia for Olsztyn, was carried out by @Sebastian Metka. He was accompanied by representatives of the general contractor, i.e. Doosan Lentjes and Doosan Enerbility.

Talking about thermal waste conversion installations, this key element, chosen especially for the plant in Olsztyn, can be considered unique in the whole country. It is due to a so-called “back-pressure turbine”, which makes it possible to maximise the heat from waste incineration for the production of electricity and heat. As a result WtE achieves very high energy efficiency. From the energy stream contained in the waste delivered to WtE boiler (with a capacity of 48 MW), the turbine-generator can generate approximately 11 MW of electrical power and 32 MW of thermal power. Such capacity will cover around 35% of heat demand of Olsztyn’s residents and will result in producing over 73,000 MWh of electricity , which translates, among other things, into more than 83,000 hundred-watt light bulbs being lit 24 hours a day, all year round.

In addition to the production of the turbine, a huge logistical challenge will be its transportation. The  turbine unit alone, without operating fluids (including 8 m3 of oil) and valve drives, weighs more than 70 tonnes. The weight of accessories such as the control and automation cabinet, the frame for the generator and the weight of the electricity generator itself must be added to the above as well, which is another several tonnes. The turbine will be delivered to Olsztyn by road. This will be a so-called oversize transport.

The delivery of the turbine to the construction site is scheduled for 29 September this year. The journey of the component from the Czech Republic to Olsztyn will take approximately two days. The electricity generator, however, will be delivered to WtE on the same day by a separate transport, which will travel all the way from India.