The turbine unit is one of the key elements of the Waste to Energy Plant, which arrived at the WTE Olsztyn construction site in October 2022. We kindly invite you to watch a video of the transportation of the turbine as well as its installation on site.

The steam turbine, driven by steam, causes a generator to rotate, which produces electricity. On the other hand, the steam, when condensing in the condenser, gives its heat to the network water, which, when heated, is fed into the city’s district heating network. It should be emphasised that during regular operation of WTE, it will cover about 35% of the heat demand of the residents of Olsztyn.

The annual production of electricity made available to the grid (i.e. after deducting own consumption) is estimated at over 73,000 MWh which translates into, among other things:

  • The lighting of more than 83,000 100-watt light bulbs 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Fully charging 10 million 4,000 mAh mobile phone batteries.
  • Powering more than 18,000 electric cars for a year at 20,000 km mileage per year.