We are proud to announce that the test of the boiler of the Waste to Energy Plant in Olsztyn was successful! On 14 September, we officially celebrated this success, crowning the whole process with a plaque stamping ceremony.

In the course of the test, the boiler was subjected to a working pressure of 157 bar, while the nominal pressure during routine plant operation is only 82 bar. 190% of the nominal pressure did not compromise the tightness of the more than 4,500 welds that were made during installation. We congratulate the general contractor – the consortium of Doosan Lentjes and Doosan Enerbility – as well as the subcontractor responsible for the construction of the boiler – REMAK-ENERGOMONTAŻ S.A. – – ZARMEN GROUP on the completion of this phase.

The achievement of this milestone by Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna is a sign that the implementation of the entire project can continue uninterruptedly, so that in 2023 the first supplies of clean, ecological energy can heat the homes of Olsztyn residents.