From design, to installation. The turbine, which was installed in the WtE machine room in Olsztyn in October 2022, went through this entire process, which was overseen at every stage by Tomáš Winkler – project manager from Doosan Škoda Power.

The weight of the turbine unit (excluding operating fluids such as 8 m3 of oil) and valve drives is more than 70 tonnes, so one crane was not enough to install it in the building. As many as two cranes were needed, whose operators demonstrated incredible precision and synchronisation.

The installation of the turbine and the generator is the last piece of work in the machine room before the roof of the building is closed.

From the energy stream contained in the waste delivered to the WtE boiler (with a capacity of 48 MW), the turbine-generator is capable of generating around 11 MW of electrical power and 32 MW of thermal power.

In practice, this means that the annual capacity of the WtE will make it possible to cover about 35% of the heating needs of the residents of Olsztyn and produce over 73,000 MWh of electricity. This amount of electricity is sufficient, for example, to continuously power over 83,000 100-watt light bulbs throughout the entire year.