Installation of the boiler drum – one of the most important elements of the emerging eco-power plant. The ceremony of its hanging topped out the stage of construction of the vertical part of the boiler of the installation realized by Dobra Energia Dla Olsztyna in the PPP formula. 

Today’s event, apart from its technical aspect, has another – very important-emotional dimension. The boiler drum, as the key technological part, was ceremoniously named. In case of our Waste to Energy plant , the device was named LIDIA in honour of Mrs. Lidia Warnel, Vice President of the Management Board of MPEC (district heating municipal company) in Olsztyn (the public partner of the investment), who at the same time became the godmother of this key element, inaugurating this solemn process.  

“We are very happy that the boiler drum is named after Lidia, as it is largely thanks to President Lidia Warnel that we are conductiong this project together” – points out Krzysztof Witkowski, general director and chairman of the board of Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna.