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Dobra Energia Dla Olsztyna

Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna was established on 11 December 2018 by MERIDIAM EASTERN EUROPE INVESTMENTS and URBASER SAU. Its objective is to build a Thermal Waste Treatment Plant together with a Peak Boiler House in Olsztyn. Based on the experience of our shareholders, gained during the implementation of long-term infrastructure projects in the field of waste management around the world we have the opportunity to implement the project of construction of ITPO in Olsztyn according to global standards.

Public Partner

MPEC Olsztyn

Municipal Heat Supply Company (MPEC) supplies over 60% of Olsztyn’s homes and institutions with heat. Thermal energy goes to 1,044 consumers through 1,572 district heating substantions as of 31.12.2019). In 2019, the production of thermal energy amounted to 1892,145.10 GJ, of which 64.6% went to residential buildings. The Kortowo Heat Plant operates five WR-25 boilers, including two modernised boilers (with sheet piling technology), adapted for biomass co-firing. In 2019, a 25 MW Biomass Boiler was built together with a Heat Recovery System (4 MW), where the heat is generated through burning biomass in the form of wood chips.

Public-private partnership

The investment in Olsztyn is carried out under the PPP formula. Public-private partnership in a broad sense, as defined in the acts of the EU law and documents of the EU institutions, is understood as a partnership of the public and private sector aiming at implementing projects or providing services, traditionally secured by the public sector.

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