“Olsztyn Net Zero” Energy Cluster was officially established on July 5 in the capital of Warmia and Mazury, under the patronage of the Mayor of the City. Its main goal is to guarantee constant access to electricity and heat for residents and local businesses, while respecting the requirements of environmental sustainability and using innovative technologies. Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna is one of the entities that initiated establishment of the Cluster.

The institution of an energy cluster was introduced through an amendment to the Law on Renewable Energy Sources of June 22, 2016. According to the definition, it is a civil-legal agreement that may include individuals, legal entities, scientific entities, research institutes or local government units. The concept of establishing energy clusters in Poland is an innovative and unique concept throughout Europe. According to their fundamental background, clusters are meant to improve local energy security by ensuring the achievement of economic efficiency, in an environmentally friendly manner, by creating optimal organizational, legal and financial conditions, with support of local resources.

The energy cluster in the capital of Warmia and Mazury, which has been officially established, will operate under the name “Olsztyn Net Zero” Energy Cluster. The authors of the initiative are municipal companies, the University of Warmia and Mazury and the company Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna, which is to be the sole provider of electricity within the cluster.

The current dynamic geopolitical situation shows us, even more than ever, how important it is to ensure energy security for people and companies. Hence the concept of establishing an energy cluster in Olsztyn, which was initiated, among others, by our company” says Krzysztof Witkowski, president of Dobra Energia dla Olsztyna, and adds: – Functioning within the Cluster is an opportunity for us to strenghten partnerships with local entities and institutions, both at the local government level and from the world of science. This is a part of our strategy, which we have been pursuing from the beginning and will continue in the future, which is to support the region and its residents as effectively as possible.

The “Olsztyn Net Zero” Energy Cluster is intended to be an area of tightened, partnership cooperation between entities operating in the fields of electricity, heat, gas, waste processing and transportation, among others, as well as entities interested in purchasing electricity, heat, gas and cooling. Its initiators have very ambitious goals. One of them is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 for all cluster members, in particular by using renewable energy sources (RES), electromobility, developing a closed-loop economy and reducing water consumption. They also want to use most innovative technologies, while promoting and stimulating innovation in energy generation, distribution and trading.

The idea of the Olsztyn Net Zero Energy Cluster, however, is primarily to serve the welfare of the region and its residents and local businesses. Its main task is to ensure energy security and access to “clean” electricity and heat. This is particularly important for the entire region of Warmia and Mazury, associated as one of the greenest areas in Poland. The cluster will also take care of education in environmental protection by establishing permanent cooperation with educational institutions and universities through, among other things, organizing internship programs and competitions. The result is expected to be the professional activation of pupils and students.